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If you are experiencing the concern, distress, and worry of marital conflict, the Law Offices of Alan E. Weinstein, LLC can help. We have served clients going through divorces for more than 40 years. Our family law attorneys provide legal services in all areas of family and marital law, including:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Pre and post nuptial agreements
  • Alimony and spousal support
  • Child support
  • Equitable distribution of assets and liabilities
  • Enforcement of child support and alimony obligations
  • Establishing a Parenting Plan
  • Modification of alimony or child support
  • Mediation
  • Paternity issues
  • Time-sharing and child custody issues
  • Business valuations
  • All other facets of divorce litigation

Alimony and spousal support

Divorce should not lead to a financial crisis. We can help you establish an equitable amount of spousal support.

Child custody and time-sharing

We protect your parental rights to raise your children in the manner you deem appropriate.

Child support

We can ensure that you receive or pay an equitable amount of the financial support required to raise your children in a healthy and happy environment.

Divorce and Dissolution Proceedings

Through mediation or litigation, our divorce law firm can help you ensure the best possible results from your divorce, including appropriate alimony and child support awards; an equitable distribution of your assets, including the marital home; and all child custody and time-sharing issues.

Establishing a Parenting Plan

Florida law now requires the establishment of a parenting plan in all dissolution cases where there are minor children.  We will assist you in developing an appropriate parenting plan that meets your needs and those of your children.


Mediation puts the decisions in your hands, and can often provide more expedient and predictable results than a trial. We will help you use the mediation process to secure the best possible results and at the same time avoid the expense and rigors of a trial.

Modification and enforcement of alimony or child support orders

Alimony or child support payments do not change unless the court modifies the alimony or child support order.  If either parent experiences a material change in circumstance, our attorneys can guide you through the proper legal procedures to modify your alimony or child support payments accordingly.

Pre- and post-nuptial agreements

We attempt to anticipate the unexpected and draft  premarital agreements to protect your interests, including your assets and finances, to the fullest extent possible.  A well-drafted premarital agreement will protect your assets and eliminate much of the stress that accompanies a divorce.  We also carefully draft all post-nuptial marital settlement agreements to protect the rights of our clients and to seek to avoid the expense and aggravation of future post-judgment litigation.

As with traditional marriages, pre-nuptial agreements will help LGBT families avoid much of the aggravation that arises when some couples inevitably dissolve their marriage.

Same-Sex Marriage: Navigating the New Frontier

The Florida courts have embraced same-sex marriage, making Florida the 36th State to do so. It is an exciting time for members of the LGBT community, and also a time of rapid change in the law. At the Law Offices of Alan E. Weinstein, LLC we stand ready to assist LGBT families that are dealing with the challenges that will arise as a result of Florida's judicial acceptance of same-sex marriage.

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